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Take the 5 week Mental Golf Training program

Pro Golf IQ is highly effective, but you need to play your part too. Follow the instructions to the letter, otherwise you won't reap the full benefits. And don't be half-hearted once you've started, stay committed to seeing the program through to the end. But first, you need to find yourself a quiet spot where you can get comfortable and won't be disturbed for around 30 minutes. And this is important you must never drive or do anything that requires your full concentration while listening to any of the tracks.

How to use the program

Before receiving your audio tracks you will receive by email a unique license code which will enable you to access the Pro Golf IQ Members Area where you can start your program by watching Session 1, an introductory video by Dr. Jason Gregg.

After watching the video you will be prompted to download the 5 audio sessions to your computer and copy to your preferred player such as iPod or MP3 device or burn to a CD and use headphones to listen through your hi-fi system

You'll need to listen to Session 2 three times a week for one week through your headphones. Same with Tracks 3 to 6 three times a week for each subsequent week, and again, only through headphones. The process won't work for you if you listen through your stereo speakers.

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Many users will notice immediate, spontaneous changes in their attitudes and behavior. Once the balancing and stress-reducing effects of the program become engrained, you may notice a boost in your creativity and the ability to learn more quickly. Pretty soon, you will also see an improvement in your golf.

Deepening your learning state

Each audio session combines over 80 tracks of voice, music, subliminal coaching, guided imagery and binaural and monaural beats into a powerful, multi-layered audio composition, designed to deepen your learning state, so we can 'hardwire' these new skills into your brain. You will develop an ability to call on these skills at will not only on the golf course but also in your day-to-day life. And you will become more able to balance the right and left hemispheres.

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Maintaining your progress

After you have completed the six sessions, you may return to any of the audio tracks to refresh or reinforce the process of brain balancing that you have already learned.

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Before purchasing please view the safety notice.

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Safety notice

Do not use this software package if you are fitted with a pacemaker.

Epileptics and Photo-Epileptics should NOT use this product without the consent of their physician.

Persons with a history of brain seizures, mental disorders or alcohol and/or drug abuse should also not use the product unless first consulting their medical doctor.


You must never listen to this program while walking, cycling, riding or driving any motor vehicle car or while operating machinery of any kind or any other activity, which requires your full attention.

This product is not intended to offer medical or psychological advice or treatment.