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Introducing Dr. Jason Gregg, an expert in behavior and sport psychology. He's the developer of Pro Golf IQ, the world's best mental golf teaching program for the mind.

He's the developer of the unique ISM system used in the Pro Golf IQ program. Jason is an authority on brainwave stimulation and dynamic psychological techniques. He has spent years researching the effect of modified sounds on the subconscious mind, and how they can improve different behaviors. After helping thousands of people with everything from weight control, to smoking, to stress, he has turned his attentions to the thorny problem of honing the perfect golf shot. Dr Jason Gregg

A brief biography

Born in Australia, Jason spent over 20 years in the US and UK, before returning to his homeland.

He was trained in human behavioral and cognitive patterns, and practiced his techniques mostly in the United States where he studied hypnosis and biofeedback, developing innovative, highly successful programs to help people regain control of their lives. Discovering computers late in his career, he put aside his clinical practice to further his interest in digital technology.

He is the past editor of Computing Australia, Australian PC Week and INK Magazine and the former publisher of Australian PC World. Jason is also the author of the book 'Tell your staff to go home'

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Safety notice

Do not use this software package if you are fitted with a pacemaker.

Epileptics and Photo-Epileptics should NOT use this product without the consent of their physician.

Persons with a history of brain seizures, mental disorders or alcohol and/or drug abuse should also not use the product unless first consulting their medical doctor.


You must never listen to this program while walking, cycling, riding or driving any motor vehicle car or while operating machinery of any kind or any other activity, which requires your full attention.

This product is not intended to offer medical or psychological advice or treatment.